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The Elderberry Apothecary | Charlottesville VA | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

Last week Andrew and I headed up to Charlottesville to

Making A Life By What We Give | Lynchburg VA Wedding Photographers

I cannot count the encouraging messages, packages,

Community and OCD | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

Community, community, community, it’s a buzzword we

Happy Three Year Anniversary | Southern VA Wedding Photographers

Happy 3 yr. anniversary to my sweet Andrew! The past

Africa & Andrew | Branding Part 2 | VA Wedding Photographer

On my website you may have seen little hints of animal

How To Properly Eat A Cupcake | Northern VA Wedding Photographer

Like some many others, I enjoy a good cupcake every

Pursuit 31 Photography Workshop | Gainesville VA Wedding Photographer

When I moved back to my home state of Virginia in

All About Pink | Branding Part 1 | Northern VA Wedding Photographer

At my coaching session with Katelyn James we talked

Katelyn James Coaching Session

On Tuesday, Andrew and I completed something we have